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(Migisi's Lecture Room)

Migisi's Components

Components include a combination of Life Skills, A.A. 12 Step philosophy, and traditional teachings of the Anishinaabe people.


My difficult journey of life has brought me here to cleanse my body, mind, soul, and spirit. With the guidance of the Creator, I will begin to live and heal in wellness with all creations once again.

"My journey has been long and difficult. I seem to have lost my way; so I decided to stop and rest here for awhile to ponder and ask for new directions. I will also lessen my load by taking with me only what I need, and leave the rest behind to make my journey easier."

- Elder in healing

Fill out an intake

To fill out an intake form please visit the "Intake Forms" page and follow the instructions on how to apply.

Services Provided

Individual & Group Counseling

  • Morning groups and sharing circles

  • Daily individual counseling with counselors 

  • Weekly sessions with psychologists and social workers

A.A & Anishanaabe Traditional Resources

  • Weekly sweat lodge ceremonies 

  • Drum teachings 

  • Men and women teachings

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare Planning

  • Relapse planning

  • Aftercare planning

  • Relapse and aftercare community partnering

Therapeutic Recreational Activities

  • Weekend walks and hikes

  • Various indoor and outdoor recreational activites

  • Annual sage, cedar, and sweetgrass picking

Individual Treatment Planning

  • Daily meditation and journal writing 

  • Through process and mind mapping

  • Aftercare planning and education

Education & Awareness of the Process of Addictions

  • Weekly in-house and outside A.A. meetings

  • A.A. speaker

  • Presentations from community partners

Medicine wheel & 12 Step Program

  • The healing steps of the red road

  • Interconnectedness of the 12-steps 

  • Steps 1-12 in the native way

Traditional Practices &
Holistic Healing

  • Guided meditation and mindfulness

  • Daily powwow outings

  • Utilizing traditional medicines

Important Information

Admission Criteria

Any Anishinaabe person who:

Is 19 years of age or older

Is abstinent from alcohol and drugs for a minimum of ten (10) days

Is willing to enter into an agreement to abide by house rules (expectations)

Referral Process

Referrals to the four (4) week residential program can be accepted from:

Self-referrals, family, friends

Social services agencies

N.N.A.D.A.P Workers

First Nation Employees

Probation/Parole workers

Intake Process

1. Submit a completed application to Migisi Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centre.

2. Applications are reviewed and assessed by our Centre's staff 2-3 weeks prior to each admission date.

3. Confirmation letters are sent to referral source for clients admission date (upon approval).

Please Note:

It has been the wish of our First Nations people that we do not accept two or more people from the same community for obvious reasons. 


Priority will be given to members of the 28 First Nations of Treaty #3:

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Migisi Alcohol &
Drug Treatment 

Our centre officially opened its doors in July of 1989. The mission of Migisi has been to guide and support anishinaabe people in their journey in a holistic way. We provide a warm & friendly community atmosphere with trained and dedicated staff to assist individuals in their healing journey.

P.O. Box 1340
Kenora, Ontario
P9N 3X7

Phone: (807)-548-5959 
Toll Free: 1.888.223.2284
Fax: 807.548.2084

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